Coordinated Services Management

A Member of the CSM Family

Coordinated Services Management, Inc. (CSM) is a Virginia owned and operated property management firm headquartered in Roanoke. The firm's two founding principals, Robert and Mary Elyn McNichols, lead a team of dedicated directors and managers who share their mission to enhance the lives of seniors. It is this personal advocacy of care and service that is the driving force behind the team of professionals at CSM and at each of the communities managed by the company. 

Founded in 1981, Coordinated Services Management, Inc. (CSM) was created to offer professional management services to nonprofit, faith-based, community-based and for-profit retirement communities in the D.C. Metro area, Virginia and the Carolinas. 

To visit the CSM website, learn more about our properties, or inquire about employment opportunities at any of our locations, visit us at